My name is Brianna and I’m the creator of Savvy Kids.


Savvy Kids was born out of my desire to take the best resources and practices I’d gained from my 13+ years teaching career and make them available to my own child and other families around me.


In the classroom, I saw many teaching tools that came and went, some that worked, some that didn’t and some that just needed a little tweaking. When I had my first child, I wanted to create learning activities for her that were engaging, creative and visually attractive. For me, the emphasis was on learning through play; encouraging imagination and creativity while providing the physical and mental building blocks to set her up for a successful schooling experience.

While working in lower primary classrooms, all too often I would encounter children with poor fine motor skills who would struggle with writing. They often hated writing activities, because they found them physically difficult and therefore frustrating. This led me to build up a repertoire of fun fine motor activities to build muscles and assist them to master the physical aspects of pencil grip and letter formation. I started using these same activities at home, and encouraged friends to do the same with their children. I noticed a lack of resources available so decided to design and bundle my own. Parents of younger children found benefits in the activities to build skills, and parents of children struggling in the early years of school found they assisted in catching up with skills they hadn’t yet mastered but were being asked to use daily at school.

Savvy Kids aims to grow into a go-to community for engaging, hands-on resources and advice for parents and educators interested in tactile learning opportunities.

Come and join us!